Worthington Women's Club
Founded 1932

Entrance Marker located at Rte 161 and Morning St.
Four Village entrance markers were donated by WWC in the 1940's.

From the President:

Worthington Women’s Club Members,

Another year is upon us. As fall approaches, it is time to replenish relationships for another fun Worthington Women’s Club year. The objectives of this Club shall be to promote friendship among members, to provide opportunities for organized interest and participation in social, intellectual and civic affairs of the Worthington Community.

Our meetings are held once a month at the Worthington Methodist Church, 600 High Street, Worthington, Ohio. Our Board members have put much effort into coordinating the monthly speakers, programs and refreshments. I encourage all members to attend and guests are welcome.

Karen L. Szakelyhidi
Worthington Women’s Club President
"I shall plant a garden of friendship here and pluck from it flowers of love and servce which never fade"
WWC creed